founded in september 2016...

PAPA LLAMA has since existed as a restaurant concept serving authentic and inventive Peruvian dishes at pop-up dining experiences within the bungalow neighborhoods of sunny Orlando, Florida. Curry Ford West marks PAPA LLAMA's first permanent location where all are invited to experience the vibrancy of Peruvian hospitality and cuisine. 

about the team

brandon coca

As a first-generation American, Brandon grew up learning about his heritage from his parents: Cuban immigrants that landed in the US via the Freedom Flights of the late 1960s. Upon graduating from UCF, Brandon traveled the world, overstaying his welcome in over 30 countries. During this time, he nurtured his taste for good cuisine, culture, and craftwork and grew a hunger for entrepreneurial adventure. Now, Brandon is co-owner of PAPA LLAMA, where he applies years of expertise in sourcing and supply chain management to deliver the PAPA LLAMA experience. 

maría-belén ruiz

María was born in Talara, a small beach town on Peru’s coast. Her family immigrated to North America where they eventually settled in Orlando. As a UCF Grad and after 10 years of experience with product development, Maria started PAPA LLAMA with Kevin as a way to pay homage to her roots. Since the start, Maria has owned building the brand, ambience, and customer experience behind PAPA LLAMA.

kevin ruiz

Born in Lima, Peru, Kevin came to the US at a young age and kept in touch with family through cooking. His abuela often shared new recipes and cooking tricks, which over time, Kevin evolved into learning his way around a professional kitchen. After graduating from UCF and a few years at corporate jobs, Kevin took a leap of faith into the world of food entrepreneurship with PAPA LLAMA. Today, Kevin is the owner, operator, and chef of PAPA LLAMA.

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